Our Difference

Traditional financial tools are equipped to track the present and analyze the past. But what about the future? For most emerging and dynamic companies, creating budget models has meant relying on spreadsheets and enduring the related shortfalls and compromises: incorrect cell references, broken macros and endless debugging. Budgeta transforms the way businesses

develop, track and analyze financial data…past, present and future. Our intuitive cloud-based solution automates every step of the financial planning life cycle, from modeling and data analysis, to performance management and reporting, through to forecasting. The results are accurate and actionable financial plans.

Our Leadership

Budgeta was co-founded in 2014 by Hagi Schwartz (the finance guy) and Eran Palmon (the product and tech guy), out of a joint vision to develop elegant solutions that drive business productivity. Together, Hagi and Eran have created, developed, and managed technology businesses for more than 20 years. Prior to founding Budgeta, they co-founded TruEquity, a SaaS application for managing private equity. This business was sold to NASDAQ in 2014. When looking to take the Budgeta business to the next level, Hagi and Eran partnered with leadership veteran Marc Spier (the disruption guy) to commercialize the solution and bring it to market.


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